TivoWebPlus * TivoWeb with a kick!

This is a comprehensive TivoWeb package meant to support all existing TiVos with the latest TivoWeb innovations. This initiative was started by falcontx with his addition of dual tuner DirecTiVo support and has been further updated and enhanced by mrblack51, rbautch, SteveT, davidlallen, john1980, BTUx9 and several other members of the TiVo hacking community.

SourceForge downloads (CVS Source)

[The CVS repository is held on SourceForge, releases are occasionally published there, however the newest bundles can often be found here]

The goal of this release is to create a bundle that is both highly reliable and containing a large number of useful packages. The user interface has been greatly improved.

If you have any problems or questions, please read our FAQ before doing anything else (although it is a little out of date!)

If you are interested in helping with the further development of TivoWebPlus or have experienced a bug that is NOT already addressed in the FAQ, please visit the TWP 1.2/1.3 development thread at DealDatabase here.

If you are a developer and have something to contribute, please visit our v2.1-beta development thread here where BTUx9 is improving the speed and stability of the package on DTivo units.


Requirements for TyShow streaming links to work:

Version history

2.1, September 21, 2007. Changes to the back end which includes the validation of modules before loading.

2.0, April 3, 2007. Major changes made to the source to reduce memory footprint to increase stability on those units that require many channels (ie DirecTV). Things such as pull down menus, and CSS support have been added to the user interface.

1.3, April 30, 2006. The aim here was to create an all-in-one bundle suitable for most units which is easy to install and maintain. The user interface has also been improved.

1.2, August 2, 2005. The goal of this release is to make the tool work out of the box on tivo software versions 6.x and 7.x. It does not contain any new features, but it does contain dozens of patches and one-line fixes lying around in different places on ddb.

1.1pre2, October 23,2004. Released from the previous TivoWebPlus home page at As of August 9, 2005 this page appears to auto-forward to the current sourceforge page.

1.0 final, March 23, 2004.

TivoWebpPlus is based on TivoWeb 1.9.4 final. The original TivoWeb home page is


  1. Install the .tar.gz file into a new directory on your tivo, eg,
    cd /var/hacks
    gzip -dc < TivoWebPlus-1.3.1.tar.gz | tar xf -

    This creates directory /var/hacks/tivowebplus.

  2. For TCD540 (series 2.5) users:

  3. Start the server as a test:
    /var/hacks/tivowebplus/tivoweb console
    You should see a few lines of output, ending with
    Accepting connections

  4. You should now be able to point your web browser to the tivowebplus server.

  5. If desired, add a line to your rc.sysinit to automatically start the server.

If you have TyShow installed on your PC, vserver running on your TiVo, and you still have problems, make sure the file associations for ASX/ASF files are set to Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic.


TivoWebPlus is set up to support drop-in addition of modules, which add significant capability.

To install a module, follow the installation instructions for the module. Most modules are single itcl files. Copy the file into the modules subdirectory of your tivowebplus installation, exit the server, and restart it. Modules are automatically read from this subdirectory.

In this release, many modules are already included. The following are some which are not, and could be useful:

Last modified: October 28, 2007